Benefits of The Offshore Software Development

As per a study, it is said that India has three-fourths of its population that is in the age group of 25 to 50 years. This is the age in which maximum output is obtained from them. Another study also states that most of the highly educated youth to lies here in India. Most of the western countries outsource their work here because of quality education and higher intelligence. Along with the smartness and wisdom there are many other advantages of offshore software development that are portrayed further.

High savings on cost: Fully loaded costs for offshore work in India are 30-50 percent lower than those in the U.S. and Europe, after factoring in increased expenses for telecommunication, infrastructure, and integration. Many companies have recorded sizeable savings by offshoring development along with maintenance for mature products and executing custom software projects.

Faster access to customers and thereby the market: Indian offshore development allows companies to reduce the time required for conceptualization through marketing of the product. Time reductions result from round the clock development cycles, rapid ramp-up through access to a large pool of resources and faster learning curves in some areas resulting from past experience.

High quality of work: Most IT services companies in India have a successfully tested methodology and have inbuilt quality standards for their development processes. As per statistics 22 out of the 37 SEI CMM level 5 certified software companies are in India. In addition, 140 ISO 9001 certified software development companies also operate in India.

Large technical talent pool: India has the largest English-speaking IT talent pool in the world. Over 120,000 trained IT professionals are being added to the Indian talent pool yearly compared to 25,000 in the US. 62 percent of this Indian technical workforce has more than four years of experience and over 70 percent has an engineering degree.

Opportunity for other additional activities: An Indian center and its high-quality technical talent can also be used for other IT-related activities such as core R&D, developing value-added applications around the core product, and for localizing products to access regional markets.

IT is a major area where the Government of India provides support

IT is one of the Government of India’s top five priorities.
The National IT Task Force submitted its 108 point Action Plan to promote IT in the country. The Government of India has approved the plan and is in the process of implementing it.
A separate Ministry of Information Technology was set up to expedite swift approval and implementation of IT projects and to streamline the regulatory process.

Thus, it is crystal clear that offshore software development is greatly beneficial to both – the client as well as the developers.
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Regional Development

The competitive modern world, has spontaneous initiatives of economic agents that are the key to understanding the new urban economy.
Expressions such as “vertical disintegration” and “social division of labor” are on the agenda of the researchers. However, this contradiction between the subjective business and social cohesion must be regulated in some way.
Economic activities are more “localized”, with a distinction between space and vulgar and economic areas. The taxonomy of the economy could be made then as follows:
1) As the contents of a plan,
2) As a field of forces,
3) As a homogeneous whole. 
The concept of pole of growth, with the polarization in the matrix is giving economic and territorial concentration appearing only as a specificity of the phenomenon;
The concept of economy as an in an  economic space is the Cartesian product of matrices that represent the area of activity and geographical area.  
1) Shows similarities between them very large (homogeneous).
2) Have the strongest links of exchange and much more hierarchical (polarization).
3) Have a stronger ability to discover a collective aspiration and establish an action plan to meet their common goals.
A large aggregation of these schematic approaches can be done under the names: Theory of Circular Causation, Export Base Theory and Theory of Polarization.  
First, we characterize the difference between a theory of regional development and a general theory of development.

This difference lies basically in the fact that the theory of regional development emphasizes the different variables, rather than introducing new elements in relation to the general theory of development. Thus, a first important difference concerns the flow of goods, labor and capital, to the regional economy, is free and therefore subject to all consequences caused by a high mobility of production factors and goods, including for the free transit of goods, competition of products of more developed regions.  
 A theory of regional development should take into account the effect of mobility on the development of the region. This factor can act in two ways:  
– The development process can lead to changes in flow patterns observed so far;  
– Given the characteristic of open economies are the regions that they can rely for their growth, beyond their own resources, with other regions.    

– Another factor that should be taken into account in the regional economy is the fact that the spatial distribution of natural resources and consumer markets is not equal for all regions. In this sense, the theory of location has been a powerful help of the regional economy, improving the understanding of these phenomena.  
In summary, in introducing the element in a theory of regional economic development, it is necessary to include the following phenomena peculiar to the regional economy: 
 – The fact that resources are unevenly distributed among regions;  
– The existence of a mobility of factors between regions, although far from perfect.

Discover Your Options on Scholarships to Study in Australia As a Student From Developing Country

Australian Government Scholarships for international students

The Australian Government’s overseas aid program aims to increase access to quality education and training for people in partner countries; mostly developing countries in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America. It brings under the one umbrella existing scholarship programs managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST).

Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)

The Australia Development Scholarship Awards for developing countries (Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean, Latin America) is an initiative of the Australian Government aimed to maximize the benefit of the Australian Government’s extensive scholarship programs, and to support enduring ties between Australia and neighboring African and developing Countries. ADS are available for full-time Postgraduate Diploma or Master Degree studies at Australian universities. Scholarship application Deadline falls between March and May each year depending on the country.

Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Scholarships

The Australian Leadership Award Scholarships (ALA Scholarships) are long term development awards, aimed at addressing priority development areas by enhancing leadership and building partnerships and linkages within developing countries. Up to 200 ALA Scholarships are available on an annual basis for high achieving applicants wishing to undertake postgraduate (Masters or PhD level) study at an Australian higher education institution.

The Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships

Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships aim to develop leadership, address priority regional development issues, and builds partnerships and linkages between Australian organizations and partner organizations in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.

Endeavour Awards

The Endeavour Scholarship Awards is a competitive merit based annual scholarship program offered by Australian Government to provide financial aid opportunities for international students from Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. The Awards are also available for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad.

Prime Minister’s Pacific-Australia Awards

The Prime Minister’s Pacific-Australia Awards (PMPA Awards) are offered to recipients of long-term development awards (Australian Development Scholarships and Australian Leadership Award Scholarships) from the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and East Timor, who are leaders or potential leaders in their country.

Australian Regional Development Scholarships (ARDS) for Select Developing Countries

Australian Regional Development Scholarships provide opportunities to students from some select developing countries to study at selected education institutions outside Australia. The purpose of the scholarships is for recipients to gain knowledge and skills which will help the development of their home country. Eligible Country for Scholarship Include; Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

Additionally, several universities in Australia are international student friendly, offering Scholarship for international students. Some of Australian university scholarships are funded by the institution while others are funded by the Australia government or organizations. An example is the government funded international Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) in Australian Universities.

Some of the several universities in Australia that offers undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for international students to study in Australia are:

Macquarie University

University of Adelaide

University of Queensland

University of Technology Sydney

These are few of the many scholarships available to study in Australia for international students. Here is a more comprehensive list of scholarships in Australia for International students offered by organizations, Universities and federal Government.

To be considered for any of the above scholarships, applicants are expected to meet certain requirements and qualifications, such as be student from a developing country, possess high academic performance, leadership qualities etc depending on each scholarship program.